At Enso we specialize in (deep-tissue) treatment focused bodywork that looks at your body's specific needs by addressing the root of the problem through massage, posture & movement education. If you have been wanting to better understand your body, move more freely, and manage pain holistically rather than treating just the symptoms, this is massage for you.

Katie is heading to Acupuncture school

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 4.14.35 PMAfter 2 years of traveling back and forth, it’s time for Katie to spend a year in Florida for her year of clinicals in 5 element acupuncture.  She is looking forward to a full year of immersion in classical 5-element acupuncture that seeks to understand the root of illness by looking at the unique spirit in all of us, questioning why our innate strength is not holding up to the challenges of life, and supporting us from our center of virtuous self. We look forward to the integration of this wonderful medicine at Enso in the spring of 2017!