Structural/ treatment massage: Treat your body to this deep tissue massage that goes beyond the ordinary by looking further into whole body patterning addressing chronic pain and dysfunction from the root of the problem. This session includes basic postural assessment, treatment massage and a few ideas to take home to help continue the benefits through movement and posture.


Pregnancy massage: Feel confident and comfortable throughout your pregnancy with the help of a therapist certified in pregnancy massage. Relieve aches and pains and prepare your body for changes to come during any stage of pregnancy with massage that uses pregnancy safe techniques. Monthly treatments are encouraged throughout pregnancy to support and help embrace your body’s natural changes.


Swedish massage: Unwind and let yourself take a break from all the stresses of life. This massage uses calming essential oils and moderate pressure to free your mind and body of stress while increasing your body’s circulation and helping detoxify your entire system.


Sports massage: Prepare your body for any event and maintain your body’s health to help prevent injuries, improve stamina, and be more efficient in your training. This massage focuses on sport-specific movements and serves to aide in healing soreness, restore length to tight muscles, and promote healthy circulation.